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Who Are GK Icon?

When looking at top goalkeepers of the modern era they all share certain attributes that make them world-class. Solid technique on handling, distribution, agility, speed and the spring needed to move around the goalmouth.

The best goalkeepers also have the presence needed to fill those around them with confidence, knowing that they have a capable, calm and assured figure behind them, not to mention arguably the most important attribute a goalkeeper will posses - having the character to deal with the ups and downs the life of a goalkeeper is sure to experience.

Our belief is that there are certain advantages that some are bornwith but the majority can be learned through dedicated, focused hard work, and that’s where GK Icon comes in….

“ The standard of coaching at GK Icon is unbelievable, alongside his confidence Zak’s kicking has come on leaps and bounds and his agility has also shown a massive improvement. I would 100% recommend GK Icon to other parents and friends.” STAN GALATIS – FATHER OF 11 YEAR OLD ZAK WHO JOINED STEVENAGE ACADEMY FOLLOWING GK ICON TRAINING SESSIONS