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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the Challenger Sports Factory Shop will be closed until further notice. As soon as we are able to we will open and look forward to providing you with all your football needs. X


GK Icon is the leading provider of professional goalkeeper training. GK Icon prides itself on maximising the potential of all young goalkeepers with many reaching a professional standard when using our goalkeeping principles. The belief of GK Icon is that there are certain advantages that the top goalkeepers are born with, however the majority can be learned through dedicated, focused hard work, and that’s where GK Icon comes in…

When looking at top goalkeepers of the modern era, they all share certain goalkeeping attributes that make them world-class; solid goalkeeping technique on handling, distribution, agility, speed and the spring needed to move around the goalmouth. The best goalkeepers also have the presence needed to fill those around them with confidence, knowing that they have a capable, calm and assured goalkeeper behind them, not to mention arguably the most important attribute a goalkeeper will posses – having the character to deal with the ups and downs a goalkeeper is going to experience.

GK Icon encapsulate all of these important development areas within fun and engaging sessions, delivered by top-level goalkeeper coaches at high-class facilities. Our training ticks all of the boxes, and gives players of all ages the tools needed to become a professional goalkeeper (or simply the best goalkeeper they can be).

Goalkeeping training sessions with GK Icon will be different from anything you’ve done before, we promise that you will be left feeling more powerful and confident in your game than ever before. Each of our GK Icon goalkeeper coaches are armed with a wide variety of drills and exercises that are designed to bring players out of their comfort zone and ultimately help them improve in all areas of their development.

GK Icon run a number of different programs for children aged 8 – 18; both inside and outside of schools and during term-time and schools holidays. GK Icon raises the standard for goalkeeper coaching and with our innovative approach to development, is the perfect choice for young goalkeepers who are looking to take their game to the next level.

Welcome to GK Icon…